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C. Crusher & Fl compressor preset


DIRTY 808 is a preset bank for Camel Crusher, Fruity Compressor,Fruity Multiband Compressor to crushed and boosted your trap 808.The presets of this kit are unique. You”ll never find them anywhere else!


Preset  (16 Preset)

8 Camel Crusher preset – 5 Fruity Compressor preset – 3 Fruity Multiband Compressor preset


‘’HOT’’ preset for Electra X. Give the new wave to your beats.


Elctra X Preset (35 Preset)

  • 4 Arp
  • 5 Bass
  • 5 Bell
  • 4 Keys
  • 7 Lead
  • 4 Pad
  • 3 Pluck
  • 2 Synth
  • 1 Texture


35 Presets of High quality specialy designed for this kit and Adapted to be used in all Style (Trap, Rnb and More). The presets in this kit are unique. You’ll never find them anywhere else!


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